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  • 參賽者若符合規定資格,可以同時報名兩個「合奏」的組別以及「進階踏板獨奏」組別。

  • 各組錄取名額得依報名人數及參賽者水準由評審團酌予調整,並得從缺之。

  • 基於宣傳推廣,參賽者需同意無償授權主辦單位及其合作單位,將參賽影片及說明文字等資料,作為報導、展出之權利,且不限使用時間。

  • 參賽者若未遵守比賽規定則視同棄權,若為得獎者,得取消其獲獎資格,並應歸還得獎之獎金、獎品等相關報酬。

  • 主辦單位保有修改、變更、取消比賽之權利,相關事宜經主辦單位調整、變更後隨時公告於大賽網站或者台灣豎琴中心粉絲專頁,參賽者自行上網留意。如有任何爭議,主辦單位將保留最終決定權。


  • 進階踏板獨奏組的參賽者一律背譜演奏且不反覆。

  • 參賽者可自行決定曲目演出順序。

  • 比賽出場順序一律由主辦單位安排,參賽選手不得異議。

  • 主辦單位會用電郵通知參賽者比賽及練習時間。

  • 參賽者必需在指定時間內完成演奏,包括任何停頓時間,超過規定者評審將有權力隨時中斷其演奏。

  • 比賽現場僅提供 CAMAC 品牌豎琴,恕不接受自備他牌豎琴。

  • 參賽者應尊重評選委員會之決議,不得有其他異議。

  • 比賽過程將全場開放,開放參賽者自行錄音、錄影,主辦單位恕不提供相關設備與資料。會場內請勿以閃光燈攝影,以免干擾參賽者演出。

* 若以上比賽條款的中文版本與以下英文版本之間有任何不一致之處,應以中文版本為準。

General Conditions

  • Contestants registering for the Advanced Pedal Solo category, in accordance with the requirements, may additionally choose to participate up to  2 chamber categories.

  • If the number of applicants is less than eight, the organizer has the right to cancel the division matches. 

  • All performance in connection with the Competition (whether in audio or visual, or a combination of both) or any photographs, video and/or film footage or audio recording taken of the contestants shall be the property of the Organizer. The Organizer may use the material in any medium and in any reasonable manner it sees fit. Copyright of any such material becomes and remains the sole property of the Organizer.

  • Rules, regulations, awards and names of the jury are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Failure to meet all the rules and regulations will result in disqualification from the competition.



  • All solo repertoire must be performed by memory with no repeats.

  • The order of the required and free choice pieces may be decided by the contestant.

  • The order of performance will be determined by the organizer. Contestants will receive a notification email with their practice time and performance time. Contestants must show up at the venue by the specified time. Those who are unable to show up on time will be disqualified.

  • Contestants must adhere to the time limit for their division, including pauses within the performance.

  • The jury reserves the right to stop the performance exceeding the time limit.

  • Only Camac Harps will be provided. Bringing harps of other brands will not be accepted. Practice time will be assigned by the organizer.

  • The competition will be open to the public.

  • The competition venue allows contestants to record audio and video, the organizers will not provide related equipment and materials. Flash photography is prohibited inside the venue to avoid disrupting the contestants during performances.

*​ In the event of any conflict between the English and the Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
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