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Concert by Isabelle Moretti 


Sun. PM 19:30

Isabelle Moretti 是當今全球音樂&豎琴界中最頂尖且極具感染力的人物之一,擁有明亮熱情的特質,搭配無與倫比的演奏風格,還有慷慨、真誠、高貴的氣質,讓她的音樂演奏充滿魅力!並獲得了法國政府頒發的「法國榮譽勛章(Knight of the National Order of Merit)」的騎士勳位。


Isabelle Moretti 在日內瓦、慕尼黑和以色列等的國際豎琴大賽中獲獎無數,經常受邀至世界各地知名音樂廳演奏,並與各大國際交響樂團合作演出,包括巴伐利雅廣播交響樂團、里昂國家交響樂團、巴黎管弦樂團、德國布萊梅室內樂團、以色列室內樂團、西班牙哥多華交響樂團、西班牙廣播電台&電視交響樂團和以色列愛樂樂團等等。Isabelle Moretti的獨奏曲目可以從十八世紀音樂及踏板豎琴的第一首奏鳴曲,延伸到最複雜的當代世界首演音樂等等,無數經典與動人的曲目都時常出現在她的獨奏會中;另外,Isabelle Moretti特別喜愛室內樂,經常與她的音樂朋友們一起演出室內樂,包括Philippe Bernold、Henri Demarquette、Gérard Caussé、François Leleux、Magali Mosnier,並與Parisii、Psophos及Ebène合組弦樂四重奏。


當代作曲家還特別製作曲目獻給Isabelle Moretti,像是2006年,她在巴黎香榭麗舍劇院演出的Philippe Hersant豎琴協奏曲全球首演,以及與里爾國家樂團合作的Michèle Reverdy豎琴協奏曲;Moretti錄製很多張唱片並涵括各式各樣類型音樂,在音樂媒體這部分也是非常成功的,也讓她受邀並擔任各式音樂節&比賽的音樂總監。


除了演奏家的身份,Isabelle Moretti也是一位著名豎琴教授,不僅在世界各地舉辦多場大師班及講座,並於巴黎國家音樂與舞蹈高級音樂學院任教,自2008年以來,她還擔任倫敦皇家音樂學院的客座教授。



Isabelle Moretti is one of the most appealing figures both among harpists and in the musical world today. Bright, enthusiastic and with real temperament, she embues her instrument with inimitable style, generosity, sincerity and nobility.

Crowned with prizes at international harp competitions in Geneva, Munich and Israel, Isabelle Moretti is invited to the greatest concert halls all over the world. She appears with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra (most recently under the baton of Sir Neville Marriner), the National Orchestra of Lyon, the Paris Orchestral Ensemble, the German Chamber Orchestra Bremen, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Orquestra de Córdoba, the Spanish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Isabelle Moretti’s solo repertoire extends from the music of the eighteenth century and the first sonatas for pedal harp, to the most complex contemporary world premieres, which she frequently programmes in her recitals. She especially loves chamber music and performs it regularly with her friends Philippe Bernold, Henri Demarquette, Gérard Caussé, François Leleux, Magali Mosnier, and with the Parisii, Psophos and Ebène string quartets.

Many works have been dedicated to Isabelle. In 2006 she gave the world premieres of Philippe Hersant’s Harp Concerto at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris, as well as Michèle Reverdy’s Harp Concerto with the l’Orchestre National de Lille. Isabelle Moretti’s discography, as rich as it is varied, has enjoyed great media success: the Victoire de la Musique, Grand Prix de la Nouvelle Académie du Disque, Prix Charles Cros, Choc du Monde de la Musique, Dix de Répertoire, and ‘ffff’ from Télérama.

A renowned teacher, Isabelle Moretti gives masterclasses throughout the world and teaches at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance (the CNSMD). Since 2008, she is also Visiting Professor at London’s Royal Academy of Music.

Isabelle Moretti is a knight of the National Order of Merit.

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