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2024 Camac Prize Taiwan


        台灣豎琴中心對於豎琴普及與教育推廣向來不遺餘力,2016 年首度與世界知名品牌 Camac Harps 合作舉辦比賽,希望藉由品牌本身的知名度讓更多國際參賽者能共襄盛舉,更期望藉由比賽讓台灣與國際接軌,發掘更多豎琴人才並提供展現才華的國際平台。

主辦單位:台灣豎琴中心  台北豎琴室內樂集






    2024 Camac Prize Taiwan competition is organized by the Taiwan Harp Center and sponsored by Camac Harps. 

    Taiwan Harp Center has been established as the leading harp organization in Taiwan since 2010. We have conducted many successful events such as workshops, concerts and masterclasses with world renown harpists. 

    Our goal is to discover and promote the educational studies of the harp. Also to encourage harpists by providing an open forum for the performance to share their passion for harp and music. 

Organizing Committee:

    Shannon Chieh, Meng-Lu Chiu, Su-ting Hsu, Chia-Yuan Liang

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