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2024 . 6 . 24
Mon. 19:30

臺北表演藝術中心 球劇場
Taipei Performing Arts Center
Globe Playhouse

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Master Class

法國豎琴大師 — Sylvain Blassel

Master Class of Sylvain Blassel

2024 . 06 . 00
Mon. 19:30

Taiwan Harp Center

旁聽費用Audit Fee: NTD. 500 


現場繳交 Pay at the Venue)

我們歡迎大家報名旁聽,但因為場地限制,請務必於在 04/01 - 04/29 之間於線上報名,


Auditors are welcome to attend the masterclass.

The online applications are only accepted from April 1 - 29。

Please include copy of passport and proof of payment.

Receipt of competition applications will be confirmed via email, at the primary email address provided on your application form. 

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